Monday, April 7, 2014

Introducing Chantalle McDaniel.........

Hello everyone

Our guest tutor for the Kilcoy Retreat on 16-19 May will be Chantalle McDaniel.  

Chantalle has created a great layout for us with a few techniques to learn and I'm quite looking forward to seeing her in action and learning her style.

As I usually like to do in order to get to know our tutors, I asked Chantalle for a bit of a bio about herself, her style and how she started in scrapbooking......please read on to learn a little bit more about her.....

1.       How did you start in Scrapbooking and how long have you been doing it?
I started scrapping at the end of 2011. I was introduced to it by a good friend and well known scrapper who helped me bring a project I wanted to do, to life. It was my sister’s 30th birthday and I wanted to send her 30 individual memories to open. They turned out to be thirty mini 6x6 layouts, each with a picture from the past and message/memory. After the project was finished, I was hooked!

2.      What do you enjoy most about scrapbooking?
Being a creative by trade, I enjoy the creative freedom that comes from documenting a moment in an aesthetically pleasing way. I am so bad at filing and organising, my photos made it onto hard drives, not albums! Now, the whole family can relive that little moment, I have written the information down (so it’s not forgotten!) and my children are open to new ways of memory keeping.

3.       What is your style?
I used to worry that I didn’t fit into a particular ‘box’. There is so much to be inspired by, across all the various styles, that I want to have a crack at anything that takes my fancy!

4.      What are your favourite 3 products at the moment and what can’t you do without?
I am never very far away from my iPhone. Most of my pictures are snapped quickly. I will always be drawn to strong prints and bold colours. At the moment, I’m quite in love with acrylic shapes, scripted titles and things that sparkle.

5.      Where do you find  inspiration for your layouts?
It sounds like a cliché, but inspiration is everywhere. We are so lucky to have mountains of information at our fingertips. Who hasn’t lost a couple of hours on Pinterest! Most of the time, my photo dictates the route I take. I like to have a connection between picture, title and products used.

6.      How do you get through Scrappers block?
If I feel a bit stale, I turn to a sketch. It can be nice to get a bit of a leg up! Sometimes, there is nothing more to be done than just walking away from it for a few days. Get out, clear the cobwebs, get a few early nights in and I’ll come back fresher.

7.      What is the best advice you would give to newbie scrapbookers?
I think it’s important to just go with what makes you happy, rather than stressing out about trying to define your work. In trying many things, you’ll see what you enjoy the most. If you are going to showcase your work on blogs or social media etc, spend a little extra time on your photography. A well lit, clear photo can do wonders for your projects.

8.      Info re design teams, published works etc.

Currently, I am honoured to be in the middle of my term as a Scrapbooking Memories Master. It is a dream come true for any scrapper! Seeing your work in print is the biggest thrill! I sub for Scrapbooking Memories, as well as wonderful online publications like Jot Magazine and Life.Paper.Scrapbook. At the moment, I am also designing for an online store called Sassy Scrappers as well as Jenni Bowlin Studios, 2Crafty and Greatest View. 

Thanks Chantalle - I hope that you are looking forward to the class as much as I am.  Not long to go now.

If you haven't already booked your place at the retreat, please go to the website for details - go on, you know you want to!!

TFL, Ann :-)