Monday, July 5, 2010

Hello again.
Well all the costs are now finalised for the November Retreat and the Buy Now carts are available for you to make your booking to attend. I have decided to keep this Retreat to 2 days, but what a two days it will be! There will be plenty to keep you occupied and you will go home with a bag full of goodies; lots of layouts that you have scrapped and some wonderful memories of the weekend as well a learning a new technique or two to apply to your future pages.

Keep checking back for updates on the blog and in the meantime let your friends know about the Retreat and organise a group of you to come along.

I have been looking at a number of great venues to hold future Retreats at - some of them are just fabulous! I would love you to post a comment and let me know just how far you are prepared to travel to a Retreat. I am trying to keep them at no more than 2 hours travel from Brisbane, but if you are prepared to travel say three hours, well that just opens up the venue possibilities even further. Please click on the link below to leave your comments.

Chat soon, take care, Ann :-)

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