Monday, July 19, 2010

Hello and welcome to another week, doesn't the weekend go quickly!!

I forgot to add the early bird special for August - silly me...doing too many things. Anyway, for anyone who books a place at the Retreat by 31 August, they will receive a $20 voucher to spend at the Retreat shop...or by booking by 30 September, they will receive a $10 voucher to spend at the Retreat Shop. So check out your calendar ladies and circle the Retreat dates on it so you have the weekend free to attend and then pop on to the website and book your place by paying the small deposit. The earlier you do this, the more you get to spend at the shop.

I have some great gift workshops organised for the weekend, just in time for Christmas; I will post details of the kits closer to the date, but knowing that you will go away with at least two Christmas gifts from the weekend is a bonus and all included in the cost!!

By the way, I would like to welcome the lovely ladies who are following my blog. To Debra, Shell, Sue, Nina and Kylie....welcome....and I hope that you enjoy my blog and that we can catch up some time soon at a Retreat.

Take care, Ann. :-)

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